Tenet Review

Tenet is the new-latest film by Christopher Nolan that I went and saw ages ago. Reasons for not writing about it or writing at all on this website, well, who’s bothered? You didn’t get a good critic, but you got an honest one. Could you imagine if I was even good enough to be called a critic? I don’t even want to be a critic. What the hell am I talking about?

Tenet is a good film. That’s it.

I was excited to see this particular picture, for the same reasons as everyone else. One, it was a Christopher Nolan film, and what better experience than to have Mr Nolan hold your hand through? That is if you call overestimating your audience, holding their hands. I swear, by the end of two and a half hours, he’s expecting you to have torn holes through different planes of existence, like Jesus man, I can CREATE existence, give me more credit. Two, it was a Christopher Nolan movie, nuff said.

If you didn’t know already, Christopher Nolan is really famous, and if you asked me, I’d say he’s helped define this generation of blockbuster cinema, I mean, he does one thing and everyone else follows. Anyways, titles under his name consist of, Memento, Insomnia, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception, Interstellar, some other things, and some artsy independent films he made by himself or something like that, don’t ask me, these questions are too hard. Christopher Nolan is in fact, one of my favourite directors, and that is the biggest reason why it hurts so much to not be that crazy over this film. Everything about it is fantastic, but no matter how much I try to find something to like about it, I don’t love it. I mean, I like it enough, way more than other good movies, just not as much as I would have liked to.

I haven’t seen all of this man’s movies, yeah, I know, and I call myself a fan. But I’ve seen the biggest ones. This movie feels like a fan of Christopher Nolan trying to accurately create a film like his with reference from the rest of his films, with a massive budget.

Look, I could say spoilers, but to say that I can give anything away about this film that makes you feel like you understand the film any more, would be a lie, cos I can assure you, no one came out the film with the ability to evaluate it. That’s a lie, there’s probably lots of people that understand the film clearly. Spoilers, nonetheless.

Ok, so we got Denzel Washington’s son (John David Washington) leading the film in what is a good performance like this guy plays a really likeable protagonist, seen BlacKkKlansman? I’m just saying, we’re gonna see a lot of him later on. He does this thingy in the beginning, which apparently is some sort of test by the army guys. By the way, he’s some sort of secret agent military-type guy, like a covert operative that brings down empires in their sleep with their slippery ways. They introduce him to this new technology that has brought itself from the future and essentially performs things in reverse, don’t think about it too much, I had to snatch my brain back from the dizzy haze that it cooked up thinking about how any of this was possible. Where do they come up with these ideas? This new phenomenon is very dangerous and is in the hands of their enemy, so he’s sent to investigate and try to bring a solution to take it off their hands. We are then introduced to Twilight guy (Robert Pattinson) who I hear is really getting himself out of that shadow lately. He plays a mildly eccentric guy who helps our friend in his ordeal. He meets this lady who is in fact married to the bad guy but is a good guy herself, just that the bad guy is blackmailing her to stay married to him, apparently she won’t be able to see her son if she divorces. The movie really wants us to care about that, but I don’t. The big bad guy himself is really over the top, which is fine, he’s really entertaining, it’s just that Christopher Nolan’s slick style doesn’t really favour over the top things. Then again, Bane was pretty over the top (still a fantastic villain) and Batman flew away with a nuclear bomb that exploded, boom, explosion, it was sick tho.

Other things happen in this film, then it ended.

This is a film that will test you. You can’t not listen to even a single line, it is one of those full focus and attention films. And I’m gonna sound really stupid when I say this, but it’s like Mission Impossible Fallout, to get the full jist of the things happening, every line counts. Mission Impossible Fallout was a good movie, shut up.

The film is absolutely mesmerising to look at. There are things that look impossible. It’s absolutely massive, exactly what you’d expect from a Christopher Nolan film. I mean, the whole thing is shot in IMAX, so what else would you expect. When I went to see Rise of Skywalker in IMAX they let us watch the opening clip of the film in a 70mm IMAX film print, and it was beautiful, looked better than real life. Sad, I didn’t go see this film in IMAX. I think they projected Rise of Skywalker digitally, which sucked.

The music is a tad bit repetitive. Hans Zimmer couldn’t partner up with Mr Nolan as they usually do cos he wanted to work on the new Dune by Denis Villeneuve, reading it right now, probably review it then the David Lynch movie from the 80s as part of my David Lynch series.

The sound mixing was a problem though. I hear Mr Nolan likes to do a lot of that himself, which is cool, and I understand that it is a stylistic choice he goes with, but I feel like, when they release this film on Blu Ray, they should fix it. The sound effects in this film will dominate every other layer of audio present in the scene, people would be sharing important intel that the audience will need to hear but an explosion happening a mile away will blast your eardrums to Valhalla. That is especially an issue with a film like this, where you can’t afford to miss something.

The story was fine. Convoluted, but I like to see that. I always find myself loving films with complicated storylines. Brings me back to when I was a slimy little piece of filth and my dad always watched films on TV that I never understood, and that made me feel older, cos I was consuming content that was beyond my comprehension.

What am I saying at this point? I don’t even know. My brain is currently mush. It’s a Sunday, I have school tomorrow, kill me now.

Sorry, I if this review was not good, I don’t care, at least I wrote something. Goodnight.

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