Just another day in Ooo

Jake seeks refuge in his homo-sapien companion’s assurance of the likelihood of him being the bearer of an infant conceived from untold origins. Upon these extraordinary revelations, the inevitable decay of his psychological barriers, holding his assumptions of self-identity and biological orientation, are put in motion. Thus, the summoning of insecurities floods the internal landscape of his psyche and the awakens his maternal emotions. Distraught by his own obliviousness, he is challenged by the contradiction of the freak-of-nature, a rubber confectionary make-up who holds the right to the throne of a ruling monarch of smaller, tormented, creatures such as herself. The devastation caused to his mental environment saw to the collapse of his beliefs and his willingness to breathe. Pray for Jake, as he will bring the peak of man, where the ability to excrete is obsolete and the ignorant cannot breed, ushering a golden age of long drives and a complete lacking of incompetent scumbags.

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